Walker Estes ia a prison chaplain and advocate for Deaf people who are incarcerated, helping them to understand their rights, overcome communication barriers, and establish stable lives after their release. He became involved with this advocacy work after visiting his daughter in prison and realizing that Deaf people face additional challenges. As his daughter says, "He is always looking to improve the lives of others."


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  • Nancy

    He's a very special person! How can I support his efforts?

  • Nancy

    I'm so grateful for Walker and people like him who help people who really need it. The world is a better place because he's in it.

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  • Explore the work of HEARD which consists of deaf and disabled people supporting other deaf and disabled people who are incarcerated.  
  • With inspiration from the work of Walker Estes, explore opportunities in your community where you can provide advocacy for people facing challenges.

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