We accept our over-loaded, hyper-active mind as being normal. This insightful film gently suggests otherwise and illuminates a path that has been walked for thousands of years as a way to remedy this common headache. Brian Jones recommends that we design our inner environment, just like we renovate and refurbish outer environment. He elaborates further by sharing the positive and universal effects you will create by simply choosing to participate in the inner-evolution. "Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing him or herself" - Leo Tolstoy


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for the reminder. We especially needs this now. There is a pervasive and sick culture of glorifying busy and thinking as if somehow stopping to simply rest and ponder are signs of weakness or of lack of drive. i live in Dc and I witness this all around me. whew.

  • Kathleen

    The simplicity of Brian's message. He sits on a bench in a busy area and meditates! How perfect! We don't need to be removed from life to mediate~~

  • Joanna

    I've been to that coffee shop in Plymouth, Michigan!

  • leigh hungerford

    why are we thinking all the time? Because we dont know how 2 stop !!Only long term intensive meditation in 40yrs found walking & breath meditation in roughly == amounts.The north/east tai forest monks have perfected this budder's tradition.AGIN CHAR the master.A thousand miles a million breaths==1step 1 breath small results come quickly!!!

  • Deepak

    Awed and so true , Inspirational . Thank you so much .

  • bilkis yusuf

    in our daily routine we forget to find time to relax and think and ponder over our lives, this video has inspired me to relax and about things that help me to sort out my life


    Really awesome video. You recommend to have meditation daily? What music or things to be care for the meditation .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Peace be with U. We have to remind each other to be calming forces leading the future peace...1

  • Ross

    Many of us already enjoy and benefit from the meditation practice. It is good to see the message spreading throughout the world.

  • CLT

    The background NOISE distracted from the intended message. I had to stop the video because that noise was deafening.

  • Susannah

    The simple Truth of it. Thank you. Shanti.

  • KaZ

    I am a master meditation teacher and LOVE to hear that meditation is promoted for many reasons! It DOES work. If you are breathing, you can meditate. Your life is a meditation and finding what works for you makes your life so much better. No pressure. Meditation has many forms.www.kazakers.com

  • Bonnie

    The idea of "Thriving Together" within and through this Journey

  • Prajna

    This was simply lovely. I so look forward to all your videos and I keep them in a folder called "Inspiration" in my email. Thank you again.

  • Amit Wanger

    Nice Video which emphasizes the need of meditation in our daily life to be more balanced and focus along with our heart full of love and acceptance.

  • Nisheet

    Amazing, Inspiring, motivating the need of meditation in today's journey

  • Sudarshan

    Heart touching. Regards,👌🌹

  • Vineet Ranawat

    Need of Meditation is well presented. Thank you for motivating

  • Olivier Demacon

    An invitation to start a simple and most efficient journey towards peace.

  • N Prakash

    Simple, straight forward and inspiring.

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  • Listen to this 30 minute interview with Brian Jones, spiritual aspirant, teacher, artist and musician, about some of his experiences from early life as well as his journey and growth through meditation.
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  • When do I start this journey? It is up to you. Be the Change - consciously rest your mind and engage with your heart center. Learn to experience 'Heartfulness'.

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