A film by Big Daws.

YouTube prankster Big Daws has over 1.7 million subscribers to his channel, BigDawsTV, but in this video, he addresses the issue of homelessness. Watch this social experiment in which Big Daws pretends to be a homeless person in need, and then gives to those that lend him a hand. "I just want to make the world a happier place and bring out the best in people."


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Those who have been through deep challenges truly understand and have compassion. Never judge, we need to know each others stories and listen to each other. See the human being in front of you. <3 As nearly always, the ones with the least give the most. I carry my Free Hugs sign with me nearly every day and do my best to take time to share conversation with homeless people and always share a hug. I may not have a lot to give, but I always have a hug and heart and conversation to share. Sometimes a sandwich, always conversation and hugs.

  • Janine

    This video inspired me to try to be less judgmental when I see a person asking for money. I don't know their journey. I don't know why they are where they are. We are all human and sometimes we all need a little help.

  • Nancy

    Thank you Big Daws!! This video truly touched my heart...

  • Mona W.

    Way to go Big D! This was so moving, I was in tears. The people were shocked beyond belief! This reminds me of the guys who did similar experiments giving out food in parks etc. They are on YouTube. But here is the lesson in quotes, Mike McIntyre “Sometimes those who give the most are the ones with the least to spare.” Sir Winston Churchill "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Give and you shall receive, not necessarily from the same person you gave to, but from someone else. It's called Karma folks! <3 PS I am on a disability pension, but still give where I can. All my giving came back around the other day when someone had found out the amount of my snack at a fast food restaurant. When I went to pay, she said that's fine, someone paid it for you. I teared up right away & by the time was out the door, was crying. I said out loud "YES! The message is out there!" <3

  • Barbara Levinson

    Very kind, optometrist POV. Nice to see such an upbeat guy.

  • Cindy

    I loved this. Restores my faith in humanity to watch Big D give to those who give. Sadly there will always be those who see only "hobos" and miss the entire point of this post, but I think the vast majority get it. Thank you so much.

  • Marc Roth

    Good job Big Daws! Even if you don't have to give or don't want to give anyone money, I recommend everyone that gets angry when they see homeless people would at least dress the part and walk an hour in their shoes. There is no one right answer, any way you slice it though, a little perspective goes a long way.

  • George

    Most of the hobos here in Oregon are alcoholics who don't want nothing but money for booze and drugs. If you want to help them, donate to the mission.

  • Aryae

    Wow -- beautiful! Makes my day.

  • Ellen

    Thank you Big Daws. May you be blessed many times over for your kindness. This inspires me to work harder for affordable housing which I already do. Go for it!

  • Samiya Illias

    The Qur'an advises the Believers to spend in charity over and over again, and promises multiple rewards from God for whatever is spent in charity. However, society looks down at the homeless and advises against helping the beggars in the streets. I'm glad you made this video, and I'm so delighted by this gesture of yours - WOW!

  • Kathy Sparks

    A slice of humanity at its best! Love, not fear! Inspiring!

  • Moose

    Love wins again----Making a difference

  • Joanie Kriens

    I really need to know this young man. I'm so inspired and want to help be the change. Please email me if you can!

  • Phyllis

    This is a beautiful soul choosing love over fear. What a truly awesome way of 'making a difference' !!

  • marianne

    Appreciate the insight to what happens on the streets. Poignant.

  • Jobs

    The ones that give make a différence and need to receive too!

  • Monica

    Sharing with others.

  • Diane

    Gentle giant of a man.

  • pat

    I think there are too many people judging those who have to swallow their pride and ask for money. So what if this is the only way they can live we need to learn to share what we have. I wouldn't want to ever have to do this and makes me realise how much I have.

  • Micheline

    The people giving are those who have less than enough for themselves. Doing something small can make a big difference

  • Deborah Brennan

    Action changes things!!

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