Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is 14 years old, and committed to changing the world. This self-described "indigenous, environmental, eco hip hop artist and activist" is also the youth director of Earth Guardians, a nonprofit that empowers young people around the world to become involved in environmental activism. "The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet." Martinez says. "Because the planet doesn't need saving; we do."


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  • Sundy

    A beautiful young boy following his heart and his heritage. Thank you Xiuhtezcatl! Keep up the amazing work! I am going to show this video to my children today when they get home from school! We love the earth and do all we can to cherish and appreciate it as well as ourselves so that we can be the change we are looking for.

  • s.dinni

    I have not seen the video. I am already in this subject for a long time. The very mention of the subject will inspire me.One of the most serious issue is water that crisis will hit all over the globe. Civilizations perished and survived according to the water source and availability. WIL- Water Is Life. No. Life itself. 'Feel Reverence To Water' What is shocking is even the highly educated are blissfully ignorant. We need to awaken as the work needs massive awareness and action.Time is running out.Let us work on it. Regards. Thanks. s.dinni Bengaluru India

  • Liz

    Xiuhtezcatl -- you rock!! Humanity is blessed to have a warrior such as yourself among us. Wishing you safe journeys in all your endeavors.

  • Susan

    Thank you for leading the way!

  • Ranjeet Deshmukh

    The planet EARTH looks safe in hands on the new generation - The VDO captures the spirit of the new kids. Very healthy. I felt relieved. Looks like the " Consumerism " is going to end at last.. All the very best for making & sharing VDO.

  • Jennifer

    For the courage and integrity. And I trust in time the use of some language will dissipate .Thanks for sharing

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to all the youth who stand up & speak up. Thank you Xiuhtezcatl for sharing your passi9n. Indeed it is us who need to shift & save ourselves.

  • Julia

    Wanna save the world? Start with veganism. I liked this video before i saw this kid cooking eggs. That's not cool.

  • carrie payne

    My own connection with the Indians is awakened again. Thank you.

  • John

    Truthspeak by pups. Word

  • Liza

    Great and very inspiring

  • Sandra OBrien

    Everything! Beautiful people doing wonderful things...Should be more young people seeing, hearing these young people! Their actions give us Older People HOPE!

  • Aria

    I am inspired when I see the wisdom of our ancestors guiding people today. They are not forgotten and we can trust in their teachings as their knowledge is practical and relevant today. I am thankful to the parents and whānau (family group) of this child who has given him all the tools he needs to lead his people and the world. I hope Xiuhtezcati always finds some time in his busy schedule to dance!

  • Arco iris

    His clarity and strength of his vision and the capacity to go forward. Inspiring me to take action - so close to Leo Tolstoy. An old soul, indeed.

  • Jacqueline

    What inspires me about these young individuals, with wise old souls, is that they give us hope for the future. How do these children get so wise, so mature, so insightful...so beautiful....at such a young age. Amazing.

  • allan davidson

    EVERYTHING! I am so moved...... may the Great Spirit bless this child of the earth and everything that he stands for...... Om Shanti

  • Deepak

    Inspirational . Thank you . Mother Earth is proud to have such children ,

  • Vicky

    This kid is amazing..doing what many adults wouldn't even try.

  • Mara

    ALL OF IT! EVERYTHING...especially that this awesome young man is educated and inspired by the indigenous ways of his father...that he is supported by both his parents to be himself and to make a difference. It gives me hope for future generations and encourages me to guide my grandson to be even more conscious of our oneness with our Earth.

  • Sheila Laffey

    Inspiring. Please share, particularly w/ young people.

  • Jagdish P Dave

    Watching and hearing the genuine voice and words of this kid warrior inspires me to make my contribution for saving our Mother Earth.Thanks KARMATUBE for presenting this wonderful and inspiring video.

  • Sara

    The statements that we need a "shift in human consciousness, not saving the planet" - "Because the planet doesn't need saving; we do." Yes! Yes! Yes! On so many levels - this rings true! My heart is grateful for your direction and inspiring humanity to shift its energy, focus and intention! The planet most certainly continue to shift and thrive - with or without us.

  • Erica

    This important issue is being represented by one of the people who will experience the worst of climate change in the years come, if there aren't more like Xiuhtezcati making the difference. Teaching "old dogs new tricks" as the saying goes. I admire you, Xiuhtezcati. Keep up this great work.

  • Dabo

    We're so extremely proud of the powerful voice of our Hummingbird Community co-founders, Makasha & Katharine's, grandson. Our vision of shifting consciousness from separation and fear to unity, love and cooperation in order to co-create a better world is embodied by Xiuhtezcatl. Thank you young brother!

  • denise

    Amazing genuine leadership in such a young man and also in the other Earth Guardians. I'm 46 years old and I'll hear you and follow you because I think it would be wise.

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  • Learn more about the work of Earth Guardians - a tribe of young activists, artists, and musicians from across the globe co-creating the future they know is possible.
  • Watch Martinez's 2014 TEDx talk in Colorado to learn how he became involved in environmental activism.
  • Educate yourself about a local environmental issue and take a simple, everyday action to make a change today.

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