Every morning, the students at Franklin Elementary in Mankato, Minnesota, take the Pledge of Allegiance. But five fifth-grade boys embody "liberty and justice for all." When the boys noticed their classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang. Watch this short film in which the boys themselves tell you why they did what they did.


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  • cheri minks

    I was inspired to have hope for all humans and life on our home planet - that if 5 young boys could come together to support and befriend a classmate with special needs in a collective act of kindness - then we all can find a way to extend a helping hand and caring heart to those in need and to each other every day.

  • Sidonie Grace

    A wonderderful initiative, truly heartwarming! Kudos, guys, you are great role models. Keep it up, 'little big kids'... Here's to the "Fab Five"!

  • Sondra White, Northern VA retired school social worker

    A great example how kids can make a positive difference through genuine kindness. I would like to see other schools across our country promote this message using this and/or similar videos for various age groups. It stimulates discussion and exploration for kids to come up with their own ideas AND implementation, facilitated and supported their respective schools. More focus on what kids, teens and adults CAN do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE empowers all. Thanks to these young people for their great example of kindness & the magnitude of its effect on their fellow human beings!!! BRAVO👏👏👌👍❤️

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful and how it should be, these kids can teach adults a few things too! <3 How wonderful that these boys see a fellow human being and they treat him with love and respect. Look at James shine! <3

  • Sandra Outerbridge

    This was so moving because children that age are sometimes concerned about what their peers are going to think about them if they befriend special needs children. This is a very good video because it can be used to teach children what a positive difference they can make in some ones life!

  • Sharon F

    Just shared this video with my two sons. Hope it inspires them as much as it inspired me!!

  • Ellen Rantz

    Being a retired teacher of 25 years, that the youth we taught remembered what we taught to the extent that it has become part of their lives. I was their art teacher but we all taught deportment. I am proud of the children everywhere and am very proud to have been a teacher..............Ellen Rantz

  • Gail McDaniel

    Compassion, empathy, love. That is what I saw.

  • donna

    love you guys...keep sharing your hearts and amplifying your light!

  • Cindy

    Can’t stop crying. Give these boys medals all round.

  • Deborah

    You guys make me proud to be a human being! The James Gang brings courage (heart) to the fear that is at the heart of bullying. Thanks for showing us the simple ways we all can be friends! Keep your hearts open. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Bohlenn

    So sweet. Made me cry.....what wonderful kids, including James. Thank you for posting this.

  • Ramesh Shah

    We NEED these kind of Heroes to fight violence in the schools bu Gunman. These heroes should also expend their energy to STOP GUN VIOLENCE massacre.

  • Karen

    These boys are my heroes! They will turn into heroic men!!!! I applaud the school's anti-bullying campaign.

  • Fabiana Fondevila

    Thank you for this heart-warming and soul-lifting story! As Joseph Campbell would say, what a beautiful way to "participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world". Thank you!

  • Joan Garrabrant

    And this is how we change the world.

  • Geraldine

    This groups of very special individuals coming together as a liberty & justice fraternity should be taken around the world to inspire others. It seems part of the gentle things happening all over the world that rejects negativity and attracts goodness for a better future. Children are not innately cruel, the law of the jungle is not always applied (even in nature) and there is hope for humanity. Well done lovely young people.

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