Crisis Kitchen is a mutual aid group that has emerged during the coronavirus pandemic in Portland, Oregon, as a means to help people thrive. It was begun by laid off restaurant workers as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened and caused more and more people to become food insecure. High quality, delicious meals are prepared and delivered by volunteers, utilizing donated space and are available for free. This vibrant alternative care economy sends out 1,000 meals per week as an investment in the well being of the whole community, and as "an expression of love that is easily given to people you do not know".


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  • Bruce Johnson

    The so-called institution of violence saved my life during a home invasion!

  • Esther

    The fact that the young are showing up to uplift the values of living and caring for one another in community. We have more than enough and nobody should go hungry, no one! The young people are our hope and they are more than measuring up while the likes on Wall Street are doing everything to widen the gap. Love and light. This crisis centre in inspirational.

  • Sidonie

    Care and compassion will save the world, no doubt! Feeding the hungry with quality food (instead of junk) for free is such an inspiring beginning! May this experience and many others based on compassionate caring go viral for the collective good. Appreciation and gratitude. Namaste!

  • Christina Brown

    I am so touched and inspired by this... makes me feel a renewed hope in humanity and also makes me want to do more to serve my community. Thank you to all of those involved.

  • Suzanne Mahon

    My heart is overflowing with joy at the tireless dedication of these teams of caring people sharing the love with the less fortunate.

  • Helen C. Gennari

    I am brought to tears with this film, so touched am I by learning that this wonderful work is being done~~and given freely to those in need. Think of how our society could thrive in such an environment where we all gave, received, gave and received. Compassionate caring for one another without a focus on "profit"~~but a focus on giving and grateful receiving. Imagine it and maybe, just maybe we can change the world, beginning, one gift at a time.

  • Rachel Lidskog-Lim

    Thank you for the love you are in this world. You are making the difference and I am deeply inspired!

  • Carolyn

    Dallas Texas should adopt this model.

  • Dax

    This is great. but it must be vegan. Otherwise, meat is poison.

  • Margaret Thompson

    This is a clarion call to the fact that we need to reshape society. We can no longer function under the corporate model. Kudos to all the groups in Portland who are so compassionate

  • Christiane Horn

    Makes my heart hum with appreciation. Building community that works both ways, through beautiful food, the needed antiviral, a celebration of abundance, thanksgiving as response to the crisis!

  • Nancy

    What inspired me= Everything. Blessings to all those who originated the idea and those that followed and grew the dream through to manifestation. Feeding those in need. I send great gratitude. Thank you so for this. It was the shot in the arm I so very need today.

  • Glenn Weissel

    Beautiful, compassionate, community-oriented group of people!

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